MEN: Santana gets fucked by Manuel Reyes and swallows his load in “Multi-Ass King”

Santana debuts at and gets his ass fucked by Manuel Reyes in “Multi-Ass King“. When Manuel has a ton of work on his plate and a horny boyfriend, Santana, begging to get fucked. There’s only one thing to do: both.

Manuel Reyes puts his multitasking skills to the test, sucking Santana’s cock while he is on an important work call. Santana takes Manuel’s hard dick out of his business suit and sucks it, and Manuel rims the bottom’s hole, making sure to promptly reply to his work texts.

At lunchtime, Manuel fucks his hungry boyfriend doggy-style, while the bottom heats up lunch in the microwave. He penetrates Santana while the bottom washes dishes, and Santana drizzles water over both of their hard bodies.

Manuel puts his boyfriend up on the counter and fucks him missionary, then the bottom rides his cock reverse. Manuel soon has Santana cumming, and pulls out to jizz in the bottom’s mouth. Back to work!


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