Rodrigo Amor, Rico Marlon & Allen King fuck in “Unrelenting Manhood” (scene 2)

The second scene from the Lucas Entertainment movie “Unrelenting Manhood” is a threeway with Rodrigo Amor, Rico Marlon, and Allen King.

The first man Allen ever had sex with on the Lucas Entertainment set was Rico Marlon, and ever since that encounter, Rico has been desirous for more of the little Spaniard’s ass!

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Rico calls up Allen King and invites him over for a fun and hot afternoon of flirtation and fucking. At first, Allen wasn’t going to take Rico up on his invitation because he was hanging out with his pal, Rodrigo Amor.

But then a lightbulb went off and he decided to bring Rodrigo with him. Why limit yourself to one uncut cock when you can have two and play with them at the same time?

This is a bareback encounter full of sucking and fucking, and no mouth or hole is spared. That’s because Allen King gets in on the topping action, too, by mounting Rico Marlon’s ass and going to town on him!

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Watch Rodrigo Amor, Rico Marlon & Allen King fuck



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