Kosta Viking, Rudy Gram and Allen King fuck in “Boyfriends & Cheaters” (scene 1)

Real-life boyfriends Kosta Viking and Rudy Gram team up and fuck Allen King in this super hot threesome. This is the first scene from the Lucas Entertainment movie “Boyfriends & Cheaters“.

Kosta and Rudy are vacationing in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Everywhere they went they were turning heads and drawing plenty of attention. Kosta Viking has runway-model good looks, and Rudy Gram is a rugged hunk with an incredible muscular body.

Lucas Entertainment

Italian boyfriends Kosta and Rudy both enjoy having threesomes; they like to put a young bitch bottom’s mouth and ass to work with their raw cocks. And when they are fucking, it’s all about energy and going balls deep.

They eventually meet up with Allen King, who is stepping out on his boyfriend, Pol Prince. Pol and Allen both had an argument earlier, and Allen is out for revenge. He loves his boyfriend deep down, but he soon turns into a cheater when his Italian suitors seduce him.

Kosta Viking and Rudy Gram invite Allen King back to the villa they are vacationing at, and they hang out on the lanai. Allen makes his move, and before he knows it, Kosta and Rudy are stripped naked and ready to fuck.

The Italians take turns in Allen’s mouth and ass, fucking Allen as he gasps and begs for it harder and harder. Kosta Viking and Rudy Gram also get into some humiliation, and they hold Allen King down with their bare masculine feet!

Watch Kosta Viking and Rudy Gram tag-team Allen King

Lucas Entertainment


Watch boyfriends Kosta Viking and Rudy Gram fuck Allen King



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