MEN: Jax pounds Joey Mills’ bare ass hole in “Subway Stories” (part 1)

Jax from Sean Cody makes an appearance on where he has been paired up with Joey Mills. This is the first part of the brand new “Subway Stories” mini-series.

Jax fucks Joey Mills in Subway Stories

Besuited businessman Jax sees hot twink, Joey Mills, checking him out on the subway. He slides closer so he can play a little footsie, massaging Joey’s bulge with his socked toes. As they meet across a pole from each other, they touch each other’s poles and Joey drops to his knees to deepthroat Jax’s huge cock.

The tall, jacked top rips open Joey’s boxers and fucks him from behind before taking a seat as Joey jumps him like a turnstile. Joey’s face gets pressed against the glass as Jax pounds him up against the doors, then the top lays him back on the seats as his subway train enters Joey’s tunnel. Jax gives Joey a big facial, and the twink’s load lands on the pole.

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Watch Jax fuck Joey Mills in “Subway Stories” (part 1)


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