Lucas Entertainment: Freddy Miller fucks Ken Summers in “Daddy’s Holiday Surprise” (scene 2)

Freddy Miller debuts at Lucas Entertainment and fucks Ken Summers in today’s release. This is the second scene from “Daddy’s Holiday Surprise“. The handsome silver daddy with a masculine presence and an incredible muscular body.

Freddy Miller also has an appetite for younger guys who are horny 24/7 and have the singular focus of worshiping daddy dick! Freddy has had his eye on the young and sexy Ken Summers for a while now while traveling in Europe together.

Not only is Ken adorable, plucky, and leanly muscled, but Freddy Miller is also a sucker for the big brown eyes of young Spanish guys. Freddy turns on the charm and seduces Ken Summers straight into taking off his clothes and surrendering his hard little buns for some extreme anal penetration courtesy of Freddy’s daddy dick.

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Watch Freddy Miller fuck Ken Summers in “Daddy’s Holiday Surprise” (scene 2)

Lucas Entertainment


Watch Freddy Miller fuck Ken Summers at Lucas Entertainment



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