Masqulin: Dante Colle fucks Colby Tucker in “What’s Gotten Into Him” (scene 2)

This extremely ‘SWEET’ video – starring Dante Colle and Colby Tucker – is the second scene from the Masqulin mini-series “What’s Gotten Into Him“. Drew Dixon’s on-going anxiety and sense of inadequacy about his relationship and sex life continues to be a hot topic of conversation with Dr. Pierce Paris, PhD, LMFT.

Bareback Porn at Masqulin

Drew Dixon’s confidence, he reveals, has been particularly shaken by what his best friends, Dante Colle and Colby Tucker, have described to him as wildly passionate fucking that is sometimes “sweetened” with the use of huge, swirled lollipops and decadent vanilla cake icing.

As Dr. Pierce Paris begins to visualize Drew’s friends and their kinky, candy-coated encounters, he must work overtime to keep his growing interest concealed and attempt to focus on only the intimate details that are of top concern to his disarmingly sexy client.


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Watch Dante Colle and Colby Tucker in “What’s Gotten Into Him” (scene 2)

Bareback Porn at Masqulin


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