Masqulin: Matt Anders fucks Anteo Chara’s bare ass in “Festival Vibes”

This new Masqulin video – starring Anteo Chara and Matt Anders – is called “Festival Vibes“. After an unreal experience at the music festival, Anteo Chara and Matt Anders make it back to his apartment. Smelling the musty man sweat, Matt offers to wash Anteo’s clothes – including his drawers. And, after noticing Anteo’s half-hard cock, he tells him to go take a shower.

Matt turns on the music and can’t help stare at Anteo stroking off. Watching him, he starts feeling his own cock swell and begins to touch himself too; until Anteo is all done. Nothing more left for Matt to do but ask Anteo, ‘Do you want to come and join me?’


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