Helix Studios: Jacob Hansen and Andy Taylor fuck each other in “Flip For It”

To say that Helix Hotties Andy Taylor and Jacob Hansen are into each other is quite an understatement. Their contagious chemistry seeps from the scene, as the two twink superstars settle into a smokin’ hot snog-straddle complete with Andy getting that incredible ass paddled!

After Jacob Hansen has smacked that hind end, Andy Taylor strips his stone-hard stud down and attacks his ample appendage with some serious, deep-throat skill. Then, he crams his crotch in Jacob’s face and receives a tongue twirling taste of his own medicine. Andy ups the ante, beating Hansen’s meat while getting mouthed down to his nut-filled nads.

Taylor takes it from there, and tosses Hansen’s heels to the heavens for a tight tushed-tongue toss, before entering the well-eaten ass with his bareback beast. Andy invades the boy’s beautiful backside with every inch of his hard thrusting, thick dick. Then, he straddles Jacob’s jock and rides him raw while receiving a raunchy good, reach around.

The boys go at it, back and forth… till Andy Taylor explodes, covering his carved abs with a thick load of cum! Jacob Hansen just continues to hammer his hot hole though. Once Andy empties his cock, Hansen hoses the dude down with a thick load of dick, coating Taylor’s taint, then the inside of his tight tunnel by pushing his cum twitchy tip back up the boy’s beautiful butt.

Watch Jacob Hansen and Andy Taylor flip-fuck at Helix Studios

Helix Studios


Watch Jacob Hansen and Andy Taylor fuck at Helix Studios


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