Bromo: Jesse Prather bottoms for dominant top Ricky Larkin

In “Dominant” from Bromo, eager bottom boy Jesse Prather submits to dom top Ricky Larkin. Hands behind his back, face down and ass up, Jesse Prather lies on the bed, exposed, for bearded dom Ricky Larkin‘s attention. Ricky spanks his sub’s ass and teases his hole with his fingers before making Jesse lick his boots.

Jesse nuzzles Ricky’s cock through his pants before the harsh dom master squeezes Jesse’s balls hard, then caresses his body with gentleness. Jesse undresses his master and licks his armpit before sucking his cock and hopping on to ride him. Ricky fucks Jesse hard in doggy-style, dominating him with every thrust until he cums.

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Watch Jesse Prather and Ricky Larkin fuck at Bromo



Watch Ricky Larkin dominate and fuck Jesse Prather


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