MEN update: Paddy O’Brian, Dann Grey, Johnny Rapid, Colby Tucker, Mason Lear & Beaux Banks

This update covers the site’s three latest videos, which are worth watching if you haven’t already. Paddy O’Brian pounds Dann Grey in “Wardrobe Malfunction“. This is Dann’s debut, but you probably recognize him from his scenes for Kristen Bjorn, TimTales and Men At Play. Also, Dann is Klein Kerr‘s real-life boyfriend.

Sexy hunks Johnny Rapid and Colby Tucker take turns sucking and fucking each other in “Rehabilitation“, while the sexy Beaux Banks bottoms for Mason Lear in today’s release, called “Still Early“.

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“Wardrobe Malfunction” – Paddy O’Brian and Dann Grey


Dann Grey is nervous for his big presentation to his boss, so he wore his tightest jeans to try and boost his confidence. Oops, Dann. When Dann bends over to pick up his pen the unthinkable happens and suddenly Dann’s ass is hanging out in the middle of the meeting! Paddy O’Brian comes to Dann’s rescue, covering for the nervous hunk and taking the opportunity to cop a cheeky feel of his sexy ass. When the meeting’s over, Dann Grey seizes the opportunity to show his gratitude to Paddy, letting the thick cocked corporate man seize his assets and give them the business. Dann gives Paddy a long sloppy blowjob, getting the muscular stud wet and ready to pound his hole right there on the conference table.

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“Rehabilitation” – Johnny Rapid and Colby Tucker


Colby Tucker has been having some trouble in a rather sensitive area. When the physical therapy agency sends over Johnny Rapid instead of the woman he requested, he’s reluctant at first but once Johnny gets his magic hands warmed up Colby changes his tune. Johnny massages Colby’s cock back to life, giving it the deep rubdown that it needs. However, once Colby’s gotten a taste of what Johnny’s capable of, he begs the athletic twink to stick around and show him what else he can do. Johnny gives Colby a long, wet blowjob while Colby groans in ecstasy. Soon Colby’s straight boy hangups disappear and he’s desperate for Johnny to ride his cock all over the bedroom. The horny athletic pair flip fuck until Johnny’s thick cock fucks the cum right out of Colby.

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“Still Early” – Mason Lear and Beaux Banks


When fit young stud Beaux Banks wakes up next to his best friend Mason Lear, he naturally assumes that they must have had sex the night before. Mason hears Beaux giving himself a pep-talk in the bathroom and decides that he’s not going to let Beaux’s gay panic go unpunished, spinning an elaborate lie about a night of torrid passion that never happened. When tall, dark-haired Mason realizes that maybe Beaux’s panic is something more like wishful thinking, the two decide that it doesn’t have to be a lie after all. The two athletic hunks tenderly kiss before passionately tearing into each other, making up for lost time in an intimate and erotic scene.

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