Bearded studs Marco Napoli & Alexander Kristov fuck in “At Large” part 2 from Raging Stallion

The guys from Raging Stallion have released the second scene from “At Large“, which is their latest movie – directed by Steve Cruz. This is Marco Napoli’s Raging Stallion debut. Detective Ricky Larkin gets an anonymous call from Dante Colle a blind, psychic witness, who describe his vision of the events of the Alexander Kristov‘s murder.

Ricky reluctantly listens to the witness but soon realizes this caller could be legit.¬†Is this the break in the case that Ricky needs to solve the murder? The caller’s vision recounts a man in black lurking in the shadows watching a hook-up unfold as Marco Napoli pays a visit to Alexander. Marco enters Alexander’s house and promptly gets on is knees to service the hung stud.

Raging Stallion

After trading blowjobs, the guys mix it up by eating each other out until Marco offers up his ass for Alexander to crack open with his massive cock.¬†Alexander can’t wait to give Marco what he wants and slides his dick deep into the horny hunk. After fucking Marco in a couple of different positions, Alexander decides it’s his turn to get pounded. He hops on Marco’s cock and rides it hard as his hairy hole takes a beating. Now, it’s Marco’s turn to take control and he stands up to give it to Alexander from behind.

This is exactly what both studs need to take it to the finish line. Marco pulls out and blasts his load all over Alexander’s tight ass before getting down to take a nice big facial. Marco got what he came for, but what exactly did the anonymous caller see in his vision after the tryst? Will Ricky be able to track down Alexander’s killer before more harm is done or the trail goes cold?

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Watch Marco Napoli and Alexander Kristov flip-fuck at Raging Stallion


Watch bearded hunks Marco Napoli and Alexander Kristov fuck


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