MEN update: JJ Knight, Jake Porter, Alex Mecum, Colton Grey, Colby Tucker & more

This update covers three of their latest videos, of which the first one is a very hot bareback video. JJ Knight raw-fucks Jake Porter in “Don’t Overthink It“. Power bottom Jeremy Spreadums gets fucked by Alex Mecum and Colton Grey in the second scene from the “Dick Swap” mini-series. Colby Tucker takes Rafael Alencar’s huge cock in “Endurance“.

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“Don’t Overthink It” – JJ Knight and Jake Porter


Sneak stud Jake Porter spots his straight buddy JJ Knight in bed and hard as a rock, so he decides to give his buddy a helping hand. Jake slips a blindfold onto JJ and convinces him that he’s JJ’s girlfriend before tugging his big curved cock. When JJ realizes that the soft warm lips wrapped around his dick don’t belong to his girlfriend, he has to admit that he likes the way it feels and tells Jake to keep going. Soon JJ is pounding Jake’s tight ass, having forgotten about the initial deception entirely.

Watch Jake Porter take JJ Knight’s big raw cock


“Dick Swap” (part 2) – Alex Mecum, Colton Grey and Jeremy Spreadums


Alex Mecum and Jeremy Spreadums love to roast their buddy Colton Grey for being a total slut, but even they are starting to get curious about the limits of his promiscuity. The two horny hunks set-up a classic fake-cock-in-the-bed trap, which the athletic Colton falls for immediately. Naturally, it’s not long before Alex and Jeremy get jealous of the rubber cock, and Alex slides in to see if Colton’s asshole can feel the difference. Alex pounds Colton’s hole hard, shooting a thick load across his face while Jeremy is hiding in the closet a few feet away. After the duo come clean to Colton all three studs gear up for round two with Colton and Alex taking turns drilling Jeremy in this hot and heavy scene.

Watch Jeremy Spreadums bottom for Alex Mecum and Colton Grey


“Endurance” – Rafael Alencar and Colby Tucker


Rafael Alencar is just trying to work out in peace, but everywhere he goes he’s followed by muscle-bound stud Colby Tucker. The two athletic hotties compete to see who can endure longer. Naive Colby doesn’t realize that Rafael is holding back from his true potential because he needs to save some energy to pound the hung jock’s hole. Colby sucks Rafael’s huge cock, marveling at the size and begging Rafael to shove the whole thing inside of him. Rafael is happy to oblige, stretching the fit stud’s ass wide open, right there on the floor of the gym.

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