Pride Studios: Lance Cole, Javier Cruz, Jessie Colter, Joe Parker, Ricky Larkin & Jaxx Thanatos

Here are this week’s releases from the Pride Studios network. The first scene was released on Monday and is called “Dude It’s Cold Outside“. This is Lance Cole’s first scene for Pride Studios in which he flip-fucks with Javier Cruz. You may have seen Lance before at either Bait Buddies or at College Dudes.

Thursday’s release is called “Show Me That Big Cock” in which Jessie Colter takes Joe Parker’s big meaty cock. In the third scene – called “The Glory Of Sex” – we’re seeing Ricky Larkin fuck Jaxx Thanatos.

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“Dudes It’s Cold Outside” – Javier Cruz and Lance Cole


Javier Cruz and Lance Cole have walked through the gate of the vacation rental home they are staying at and are about to get their Boogie Boards to go to the beach. However, they discuss the fact that it is too cold outside to go to the beach. Rather than be frustrated with the cold weather, they decide to go inside and have some fun with each other after making out outside for a bit. Once inside their clothes come off and they take turns sucking each other on the bed. After sucking each other, Javier starts fucking Lance on his back. Lance then rides Javier’s cock for a while. Lance then fucks Javier doggy style before flipping him onto his back and fucking him until Javier shoots a big load of cum. Lance then shoots his load.


“Show Me That Big Cock” – Joe Parker and Jessie Colter


Joe Parker and Jessie Colter are lying in bed and Jessie is trying to get a look at Joe’s big cock, but Joe is playing hard to get. After tussling back and forth for a bit, Jessie gets his way and Joe pulls out his cock. Jessie immediately demonstrates his exceptional cock sucking skills by deep-throating all of Joe’s huge cock. Once they are undressed, Joe sucks Jessie’s cock for a bit before Jessie offers up his ass to Joe’s tongue. After Joe rims him, he starts fucking Jessie on all fours at first. As Joe is sensitive, he likes to wear a condom so he does not cum too fast. Jessie then rides Joe’s cock for a while before ripping off Joe’s condom and then lying on his back and letting Joe fuck him raw until both explode with intense orgasms.


“The Glory of Sex” – Ricky Larkin and Jaxx Thanatos


Jaxx Thanatos is finishing up at the urinal and he is encouraging Ricky Larkin to stick his big cock through the glory hole. He has to coax Ricky to do it a couple times, but soon we see Ricky’s big cock poke through and Jaxx wastes no time in stroking and sucking it. Jaxx then rubs his ass up and down on Ricky’s cock before Ricky fucks him through the Glory Hole. Ricky then comes around to the other side and continues to fuck Jaxx bent over the sink. They then go down to the floor where they fuck until Ricky pulls out and they both explode with cum.

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