Next Door update: James Ray, Markie More, Zach Country, Jaydon Jensen, Jason Evans & more

The Next Door Studios network has 5 new scenes scheduled to be released this week… and they also have a couple of sexy new guys. The first one is a jerk off video starring hot newcomer James Ray. The second scene will go live in a few hours. In this video – called “The Kiss” – we’re seeing Carter Woods fucking Dante Colle.

Good Neighbors” is a threesome with Markie More, Jaydon Jensen and Zach Country (or Zachary Country as Next Door seems to call him). Both Jaydon and Zach make their Next Door debut. Another newbie is Jason Evans, who gets fucked by Lance Ford in “Making Time“. The final scene for this week is called “Secret Obsessions” which is Steven Lee’s first Next Door scene in which he pounds Alex Tanner.

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“James Ray’s solo debut”


James Ray has just got home from a long day at work and the first thing he does is kick back on his huge comfortable bed. James lives alone and for good reason. He might be tired but once he hits that bed James begins unzipping his pants. James starts to touch his hairy chest with his manly hands making his way down to his hard cock.

He strokes every inch of his throbbing sexy dick as his balls sway back and forth. You can see his hairy legs glisten in the sunshine as it pears through the window. The moans of self-pleasure are heard throughout the house and only James can hear them. His balls begin to twitch and his body trembles as his cock erupts with a spray of cum that has no aim and ends up all over the bed and himself.


“The Kiss” – Carter Woods and Dante Colle


It all starts with a kiss, the soft caress of your lover’s lips, giving way to stronger urges, moving you to embrace your passion and indulge in your fantasy. For Dante Colle and Carter Woods, that urge has overtaken them, as they writhe together in a naked frenzy of skin and sweat on the sofa. Dante looks deep into Carter’s eyes as the two of them connect on physical and emotional levels. They satisfy each other’s every carnal whim as they fearlessly engage in their passion for one another, reaching climax together and falling back into each other to do it all over again. All sparked by a simple kiss.


“Good Neighbors” – Markie More, Zach Country and Jaydon Jensen


As they spy on their neighbor, Jaydon Jensen, Markie More and roomie Zach Country launch a plan for a little get together. Jaydon seems apprehensive at first, but Markie and Zach quickly show him just how welcoming a neighborhood this can be, and Jaydon soon feels relaxed enough to take his hosts up on their hospitality. That’s all the invite that they need, and Markie and Zach quickly work Jaydon out of his clothes as they take turns sucking him off.

Jaydon closes his eyes and inhales as Markie tongues at his balls while Zachary works the shaft, and once he’s feeling more comfortable, Jaydon returns the favor, taking both of them in his mouth at the same time. Markie is first up to test drive the new neighbor’s equipment, as Jaydon bends him over and plunges his cock deep into Markie’s hole. He fucks him from behind while Zach looks on longingly with envy.

That envy quickly consumes him, and Zachary tells Markie he wants a taste, so Jaydon lets Zachary ride him for a while. Jaydon has his fill of Zach’s ass and then passes him off to Markie. The muscle hunk fucks the cum out of him while Jaydon shoots his load into Zach’s face. Markie pulls out and blasts Zachary’s ass with is load and with that, this neighborhood cum party comes to a close. But there’s always tomorrow…


“Making Time” – Lance Ford and Jason Evans


With competing schedules and their hectic lives, Jason Evans and Lance Ford barely see each other anymore, like two ships passing in the night. Lance tells Jason they need to spend more quality time together, and Jason smiles, kissing him passionately on the lips as they fall back onto the bed. They quickly strip out of their clothes as Lance kisses his way down Jason’s body, taking his meaty cock into his mouth and swallowing him whole. Jason moans as he reacquaints himself with his partner, but he doesn’t fully realize what he’s been missing until he mounts himself onto Lance’s cock.

Jason is riding him reverse as Lance’s pulsing hard on throbs inside him. Lance stands him up and fucks him from behind against a support beam. Jason closes his eyes and takes every inch willingly, before throwing Lance back onto the bed and returning the favor. He fucks the cum out of Lance before pulling out and emptying himself all over Lance’s freshly fucked hole. As they fall onto the bed, Lance smiles and tells Jason it’s a good start.


“Secret Obsessions” – Steven Lee and Alex Tanner


When Alex Tanner comes home from work, the last thing he expects to find is roomie Steven Lee spread out on the couch jacking off to gay porn, but there he is, smiling wide on the sofa with his dick out. Alex spies on him, rubbing the bulge in his pants while fantasizing about all the things Steven could do to him with that hard dick of his.

He imagines taking Steven upstairs, and sucking him off as he strips out of his clothes. He imagines Steven eating his ass before using that big cock to pound Alex every which way he can. He pictures kissing Steven hard on his mouth before Steven proceeds to finish the job, fucking the cum out of Alex before dousing him with his big, creamy load. Alex can see all of it so clearly, the only thing left to do is turn fantasy into a reality.

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