Lucas Entertainment’s “Fuck My Boyfriend” is about cuckolding, cheating & partner swapping

Earlier today, the first scene from “Fuck My Boyfriend” was released by the guys from Lucas Entertainment. It’s a very hot bareback scene in which Jesse Santana and Andrey Vic cuckold Tyler Roberts. The movie contains four very hot scenes and these are all about cuckolding, cheating and partner swapping.

Have you ever had the fantasy of relinquishing total control in your relationship and telling another man to fuck your boyfriend? Tyler Roberts watches as Andrey Vic breeds his man, Jesse Santana. Dakota Payne and Jeffrey Lloyd step out on their partners to have bareback sex together. Sean Xavier and Andre Donovan swap their boyfriends, Wagner Vittoria and Lucas Leon. And Andre Donovan wrecks Jason Cox hole while Mike Maverick watches on in excitement!

The remaining three scenes are scheduled to be released on the following dates:

  • Scene 2: 24th of December, 2018
  • Scene 3: 28th of December, 2018
  • Scene 4: 31st of December, 2018

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Scene 1: Andrey Vic fucks Jesse Santana and cuckolds Tyler Roberts


Everyone who knows Tyler Roberts is aware that he’s a take-charge alpha guy who likes running all aspects in his life. What no one knows about him, though, is he enjoys some old-fashioned triangulation in the bedroom. Jesse Santana, Tyler’s boyfriend, loves getting fucked by others guys in the throat and up the ass while Tyler watches. And more so, Tyler loves to watch and jerk off. Andrey Vic is invited over to use Jesse for his own pleasure, all while Tyler sits by stroking his raging hard-on.


Scene 2: Jeffrey Lloyd fucks Dakota Payne as they cheat on their partners


Jeffrey Lloyd and Dakota Payne have fidelity issues – there’s no way around it. They keep their private relationships going, but they indulge their selfish sexual fantasies with each other and leave their respective partners home to be cuckolds. Here Jeffrey and Dakota meet up to have gay bareback sex together, and their boyfriends are none the wiser.


Scene 3: Andre Donovan, Lucas Leon, Sean Xavier & Wagner Vittoria swap partners


Lucas Leon needs a lot of dick to keep himself satisfied. His partner is super vanilla and Lucas needs far more than the missionary position to feel like his needs are taken care of. Sean Xavier sets up for him the ultimate fantasy: two big black dicks (Sean’s and Andre Donovan‘s) and the adorable latin beefcake, Wagner Vittoria. Will these three guys be able to satisfy Lucas’ incredible hunger for raw cock? Or will it be far more than he can handle?


Scene 4: Mike Maverick watches Andre Donovan fuck Jason Cox


Jason Cox loves his boyfriend, Mike Maverick, but their sex has become a little dull. Jason doesn’t feel satisfied, and he asks Mike to sit it out while he watches him have gay bareback sex with the black bull, Andre Donovan. Mike is apprehensive at first, but he’s powerless to say “no” to his boyfriend, and Jason takes advantage of this. While Mike sits in the corner like a submissive cuckold, he watches Andre bang the hell out of Jason without a condom!

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