Newcomer Ricky Remmero rubs out a thick load in his Active Duty debut

Newcomer Ricky Remmero became comfortable quick on our coveted Active Duty couch and once he lost himself in the moment his long hard cock is a sight to see. His skin is silky smooth and his chest is huge. His low big hanging balls are a mouth full and with his long firm thighs, Ricky is a beautiful man to watch enjoy himself.

He loves to gaze into the camera as he strokes every long inch of that throbbing cock. Don’t get too distracted by that cock because Ricky loves to rub that wide firm chest of his. Ricky’s long cock shows off all its glory when Claude goes in for an extreme close up giving us some amazing audio that moans from Ricky’s mouth. Sadly but gladly that time has arrived as Ricky lets loose his thick load all over his cock giving out one last loud groan of release.

Watch Ricky Remmero stroking his long cock for Active Duty


Watch Ricky Remmero rub out a thick load in his Active Duty debut


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