Chandler Scott rims and fucks Dylan Drive’s ass in “Lazy Messy Lover” from Pride Studios

Hairy hunk Chandler Scott is sitting in his messy bedroom on the bed playing a game on his phone when Dylan Drive walks in. Dylan is obviously annoyed because Chandler has not cleaned up the bedroom or apparently done anything but play games while he was away. Dylan notices that the lube bottle and towel are sitting on the night stand and that pisses him off as well.

Chandler promises him that he didn’t jack off because he was waiting for him to get home. He puts on the charm and soon Dylan has melted into his arms and they are passionately making out. They take turns sucking each other for a while and then Chandler rims Dylan’s ass. He fucks him in a few positions on the bed before they both cum.

Watch Chandler Scott fuck Dylan Drive in “Lazy Messy Lover”

Pride Studios


Watch Chandler Scott rim and fuck Dylan Drive’s ass in the full-length Pride Studios video


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