Poleski slams his cock balls-deep into Princeton Price’s ass at Active Duty

Remember Poleski? The sexy new Active Duty recruit first appeared in December 2017. His solo debut was quite impressive and now he’s back for his very first hardcore scene, in which he fucks Princeton Price.¬†Once introductions are over, Poleski has the first go at it and has his mouth wrapped around Princeton’s erect dick doing his best to deep-throat it.

Poleski has his long legs sprawled out on the bed as he takes every inch of that throbbing cock into his mouth. His cock and balls rub up against the bed as he sucks on that hard dick. Princeton can see Poleski getting hard from rubbing his dick on the bed so he decides to give Poleski an amazing blowjob from a seasoned vet. Poleski is almost over taken by the pleasure he is receiving from Princeton’s blowjob skills.

Active Duty

He can’t get enough of that wet mouth sucking on his shaft. Princeton decides to kiss him deeply and passionately before they begin to fuck. Poleski is eager to get deep in that vet ass and he bends him over and pushes his hard throbbing cock slowly into Princeton until he is balls deep. He begins to pick up momentum as he fucks that tight sexy ass.

He eventually gets Princeton up on the bed and lays him on his back and lifts his ass up so he can pound deep into him making our vet moan in pleasure. Poleski has done a great job fucking one of our elite bottoms and finally he pulls his hard dick out and nuts all over Princeton’s ripped chest which makes him nut as well.

Watch Princeton Price bottom for newcomer Poleski in the full-length Active Duty video


Watch Princeton Price bottom for Poleksi in the full Active Duty video


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