Kevin Daley, Cameron Parks and Angel Rivera fuck in “Room For One More”

The latest Helix Studios release – called “Room For One More” – is a hot bareback threesome featuring Kevin Daley, Cameron Parks and Angel Rivera. With his roommate gone, Angel decides to hookup. He finds big-dicked hottie Kevin online and invites him over. Hungry for Kevin’s huge cock, Angel leads the boy to the bedroom and after a hot make out session he starts to suck that meaty cock.

Kevin’s cock is gag worthy, as Angel quickly finds out while attempting to deep-throat the entire thing! Kevin’s dirty talk encourages him to take it deep. Angel gorges on the veiny groin till tears stream down his pretty face. Angel’s roomie Cameron comes home earlier than expected and sneaks in the room to get a raunchy eyeful without his horny housemate seeing him. However, Kevin does notice him, but waits for the right moment to bring him in.

Room For One More

Cameron pulls his cock out, knowing it’s his golden ticket and Kevin gives the go ahead. He catches Angel by surprise, but as soon as Angel looks down at Cameron’s cock, he stops protesting and goes down on his cock, too. Hungry for hole, Kevin orders the boys to the bed where Angel gets groin in his gullet and tongue in his tush before Kevin decides the dude is wet and ready for some deep dicking.

The two tops trade spots and Angel gets rammed by his roomie for the first (but definitely not the last) time! Kevin offers Angel a ride then lays down as Cameron plants his cock deep into the bottom’s smooth hole. Kevin dominates both boy’s, which leads to Cameron wanted to get fucked. Kevin cocks Cameron on his side as Angel kisses his hot housemate, which gives us a great view at his open ass.

Kevin finally instructs the roommates to ram and it’s obvious Cameron has been thinking about plowing Angel’s rump for a while. He bangs the boy’s booty as Kevin dangles his delicious dick in the kid’s face, stroking it till Cameron joins for a jack session that ends all over Angel’s pretty face. Covered in cum, the beautiful bottom bangs one out as Cameron goes in to taste both cocks once more.

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