Jackson Traynor gets fucked by Spencer Laval in “Virgin Memories” from Next Door Studios

This bareback release from Next Door Studios – called “Virgin Memories” – brings together Spencer Laval and Jackson Traynor. As Jackson sits at the desk in a familiar hotel room, he reminisces about an event he engaged in, just over his shoulder, on the bed behind him.

With word that his guest, Spencer, will not be joining him for the weekend, Jackson is forced to settle on reliving the torrid affair the two of them shared so long ago.¬†Jackson remembers every touch, every kiss, and every thrust of Spencer’s lustful cock. Jackson hasn’t had it so good since then, and as he sits in the room where so much passion transpired, the memory is visceral and real.

He can even remember every inch of Spencer’s perfect penis at it filled him up and fucked him silly. Jackson realizes now that he’ll have to keep that memory close, since it seems that his fantasies are the only place he and Spencer will ever be re-united.

Watch Jackson Traynor take Spencer Laval’s bare dick at Next Door Studios

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Watch Spencer Laval fuck Jackston Traynor’s bare ass in “Virgin Memories”


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