Carter Dane is back at CockyBoys, dominates and fucks Levi Karter in “All Saints” part 2

After a looooong 17 month break, the sexy Carter Dane is back at CockyBoys! He’s even looking better than before and he shows off his dominant side in this release. Levi Karter is the one being dominated and fucked in the second part of the “ALL SAiNTS” series.

Cool and controlled on the outside, Carter Dane slowly reveals his hidden nature in his chance encounter with Puck (Levi Karter). Carter is intrigued and perplexed by the sweet and seemingly guileless Puck and kisses him passionately but he’s more interested in dominating the submissive lad. He gets Puck to suck him and forcefully makes him deep throat his cock, holding him down twice to gag on his dick.


Puck lashes out and breaks away so Carter takes a less blatantly aggressive approach. He kisses Puck on his neck and back and probes his taut hole until he begs to be fucked. Carter takes him from behind and thrusts deep into him, growing more intense as they stand in doorway. Carter reaches his point of no return and puts Puck on his knees to give him a thick facial. Seconds later Puck explodes while on his knees. They cool down and kiss and Carter leads Puck to his bedroom.

As they sit on the floor and chat they kiss again sweetly and continue in this mode, except for one inexplicable interruption. Puck sits on his lap which preludes to his riding Carter’s cock. Puck (Levi) briefly takes control, but Carter flips him over and fucks him.. with less aggression and more passion until Puck shoots again. Carter unloads his thick cum over Puck and though they start to cool down again, there’s an emotionally dramatic turn. Another side of Carter is unleashed, leading to….

We are excited to announce the release of the newest episode in our new feature, Jake Jaxson’s ALL SAiNTS. Carter Dane makes his long-awaited debut in the saga AND he’s topping for the first time, taking on Levi Karter as Puck! This is Carter Dane as you’ve NEVER seen before: a multi-faceted character whose importance to the story will be revealed along the way. Part two continues in New Orleans where Carter has unexpectedly fateful encounters with Adam Ramzi (back from part 1 as the professor for the religious studies institute) and Calvin Banks as Adrian, the student/TA to the professor. Also new to the series is Sean Ford in a pivotal cameo.

Watch Carter Dane fuck Levi Karter in “All Saits” part 2

Carter Dane and Levi Karter for CockyBoys


Watch Levi Karter and Carter Dane fuck in the full-length CockyBoys video


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