Beaux Banks gets fucked by his hot teacher Tristan Jaxx in “Snap!” part one network site Big Dicks At School has released the first scene from a brand new mini-series, called “Snap!“. The studio has paired up hot daddy Tristan Jaxx and bubble butt bottom Beaux Banks. It’s a hot one, so don’t miss it.

The class is in session and Beaux is bored and horny. One snap of his fingers and his hunky teacher Tristan is suddenly naked and ready for a one-on-one lesson. The hot teacher sucks Beaux’s dick before slamming the boy’s ass with his own piece of meat.

Watch Beaux Banks bottom for his teacher Tristan Jaxx

Snap! part one


Watch Tristan Jaxx fuck Beaux Banks’ bubble butt in “Snap!” part one


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