Kurtis Wolfe takes Jason Vario’s big dick in “Open Relationship” part three from Men.com

The third scene from the Men.com mini-series “Open Relationship” has been rewarded with a 94% score, so do check it out! After both guys had sex with Teddy Torres in part one and part two from this series, boyfriends Jason Vario and Kurtis Wolfe come together in this final part. Just the two of them!

Jason pulls his big dick out and Kurtis goes down on that piece of meat right away. He sucks that big cock before they change positions so Jason can return the favor. After the guys got each other rock hard, Jason uses his tongue and fingers to prep Kurtis’ ass. The boyfriends then fuck in various positions, till they are ready to fire their build-up loads.

Watch Jason Vario fuck Kurtis Wolfe in “Open Relationship” part three

Open Relationship part 3


Watch Kurtis Wolfe and Jason Vario fuck in the full-length Men.com video


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