Freshmen #76: Jean-Luc Bisset, Nino Valens, Bob Marghiela, Matt Thurman & Alan Mosca

Freshmen Issue #76 is out and contains two hardcore bareback scenes as well as a sexy photo series. The first hardcore scene is a raw flip-fuck video starring Jean-Luc Bisset ad Nino Valens. Hung Euro jocks Bob Marghiela and Matt Thurman fuck in the second bareback video. This week’s photo set introduces us to a super hot newcomer, called Alan Mosca (who is related to Gino Mosca). is an exclusive bareback site from the guys behind BelAmi. Members get access to all the old “Kinky Angels” scenes as well as brand new video and photo content. The site updates every week with at least two hardcore bareback scenes and a solo video or photo shoot.

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Nino Valens and Jean-Luc Bisset in a bareback flip-fuck video

This is the second time Jean-Luc and Nino have been paired. Their first was in last year’s summer break series. They’re together again on location in Budapest. This was originally intended as a flip of the previous scene- this time with Jean-Luc as the bottom However, the two boys have serious crushes on each other and Nino was insistent on getting fucked by Jean-Luc again. So, this scene ended up as a flip flop. Nino’s infatuation with Jean-Luc is demonstrated by his coming twice as Jean-Luc fucks him!



Hung Euro jocks Bob Marghiela and Matt Thurman fuck

Adam Archuleta and Luke Hamill have teamed up to bring us this scene today. Adam is trying his best to ‘direct’ the boys here, but I place “direct” in quotes as both boys only paid attention to their libidos, ignoring poor Adam’s instructions. Apparently hornyness leads to hearing impairment. This is Matt’s second scene here on Freshmen. He will be back near the end of April with an interview and solo.



An introduction to super hot hunk Alan Mosca

Here’s how this month’s first look, Alan Mosca, derived his name: First, Alan is related to Gino Mosca, Second, he and his kin bear a resemblance and third, they are both preeminent bottoms. Alan has just completed his final high-school exams, and you’ll get to see his first scene at the beginning of May.

Alan Mosca for Freshmen


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