TJ Lee, Johnny Riley and Chris Blades fuck in “Nervous Newbies” from Next Door Studios

Next Door Studios introduces us to a hot newcomer, named TJ Lee. He makes his debut in “Nervous Newbies” in which he fucks Johnny Riley and Chris Blades. He has never been with a guy before – let alone two guys –┬ábut luckily he’s got Johnny and Chris to help guide him.

Johnny is always down for something raunchy, so when Chris asks him if he’s willing to let TJ fuck him, Johnny lifts his legs up over the side of the sofa and opens his legs for TJ’s cock. TJ shoves it in bareback and goes to town, giving Johnny a nice hard pounding as Chris rests his nuts on Johnny’s face as Johnny deep throats him. Chris leans in to return the favor as TJ continues to raw-fuck Johnny. Then they switch, as TJ takes a crack at Chris’ hole, plunging all the way into Chris from behind.

He proves to both of them that he’s worthy of the task, and once Chris has had his fill of TJ’s cock, he moves over and mounts Johnny’s reverse, stroking himself off as Johnny continues to bounce him up and down. As Chris loses his load TJ spits his all over himself, a massive and messy puddle of splooge all over his stomach as Johnny pulls out and soaks Chris’ hole with his nut. They all fall into each other and laugh at their successful cum party, kissing TJ and welcoming him to the club.

Watch TJ Lee in a bareback threesome with Johnny Riley and Chris Blades


See Johnny Riley and Chris Blades welcome TJ Lee at Next Door Studios


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