The Stax twins fuck Princeton Price and Dominic in a bareback video from Active Duty

The Stax twins are back at Active Duty! Michael and Jacob Stax have been paired up with Princeton Price and Dominic for a bareback foursome. Dominic already got fucked by Jacob and Michael Stax in this hot threesome. The more the merrier, so Princeton is a more than welcome addition.

The twins never hold back and this time they are all in taking turns fucking Dominic and Princeton. Princeton can’t tell either one apart, but he loves those big cocks buried deep in his eager ass. Dominic and Princeton are seeing double as the twins stuff their massive cocks deep into their throats. Michael and Jacob love to make them gag and they love to pound hard and deep.

Dominic gets his hair pulled back while Princeton gets choked. The energy sadly comes to an intense climax as every one ball are about to explode. Lucky for Dominic, he gets to have all the cum shot all over his face as the Stax brothers unleash a machine gun style of cum all over his face with Princeton following up with shotgun blasts of his creamy jizz.

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