Master Aaron dominates and punishes Clyde Walton in “Hard Lesson” from YesirBoys

A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon a fairly new site. The site is called YesirBoys and offers young and uncut UK guys starring in some pretty kinky and dirty videos. I finally found some time to check out what the site is all about and I have to say that things look very promising.

Sure, the site is relatively small and definitely needs some growth, but thanks to their weekly updates YesirBoys grows steadily. Also, every site has to start somewhere and I give them props for starting a new studio in this day and age. There’s a good mix of professional and lesser known models and the action varies from clip to clip.

This scene – called “Hard Lesson” – isn’t their most recent release, but young and dominant Master Aaron immediately grabbed my attention (hallelujah, he’s such a horny guy) when I was checking out their scenes. This scene was released on the 14th of November and shows us Master Aaron dominate and punish young boy Clyde Walton. He makes the boy worship his feet, suck his big uncut dick, spank his ass and creams the boy’s face with his load.

Clyde Walton’s curiosity always gets him in trouble. This time he’s looking around restricted areas and finds Master Aaron playing with his rock hard uncut cock over a magazine filled with steamy hot boys. Aaron spots voyeur Clyde who’s gotten himself hard by watching Aaron play. No master can let a dirty boy toy like Clyde go unpunished.

After working himself up, Aaron teaches Clyde a lesson in submission, spitting in his face and spanking him until his cheeks are fully red. This lesson is quickly followed by foot licking and a hot creamy facial, before Clyde is roughly kicked out of the room.

Watch Master Aaron punish Clyde Walton in “Hard Lesson” from YesirBoys


Watch Master Aaron punish Clyde Walton at YesirBoys


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