Cliff Jensen plays with his big cock while driving a woman around

Reality Dudes has released another episode from their ongoing “Dudes in Public” series. It’s a bit of an awkward scene, which would have been hot if it was an intro for a longer hardcore scene. In its current form, the scene a bit of a let-down and it left me a little unsatisfied. Cliff Jensen is an Uber driver, who plays with his cock while driving a female customer around.

There’s nothing quite like mixing business and pleasure and Cliff is the master of doing just that. Watch him stroke and drive like a pro while his passenger is none the wiser. How long will he get away with being such a dirty driver? He’s gonna stretch this public wank out as long as possible.

Watch Cliff Jensen play with his big cock at Reality Dudes


Watch dirty driver Cliff Jensen stroke his cock at Reality Dudes


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