Buck Carter bottoms for the first time, gets fucked by Julian Rodriguez

About a month ago, big musle hunk Buck Carter impressed everyone with his solo debut for GayHoopla. Good news! He’s back for his first hardcore scene and this is his very first time bottoming. His scene partner is Julian Rodriquez, who is the perfect guide as he bottomed for the first time a few weeks ago. Julian compares bottoming to working out; “It hurts a bit at first but then it feels good”.

Buck totally takes the lead here. For a first-time performer, he doesn’t waste time. He throws Julian around, pulls out his already-stiff dick and starts to suck him. Julian’s tight body is tensing and flexing as he tries to hold back from cumming. As the action unfolds, we get every view of their bodies. We know what you want to see and we’ll show it to you. Buck is hard, too, so Julian rolls him over on his back and sucks him.

Julian rolls Buck back over to rim his ass. Buck’s never been rimmed before this and he said he had no idea it would feel that good. Julian just wants to get his dick up there. Buck has that look of shock and surprise when Julian slides his dick in. He slowly lets himself get used to the feeling of it and then goes from pain to pleasure right in front of our eyes. “You like that,” Julian asks. “Fuck yeah,” Buck answers.

Buck wanted to start slow but before long, we’ve gone from his “zero to a hundred” and he’s making Julian slam him harder and harder. Buck’s dick starts to swell as he gets more and more into getting fucked and as Julian slams his hole, Buck blows a big load all over himself. Julian isn’t done yet, though, and he keeps fucking harder and harder until he pulls out and blows his own BIG spurt all over Buck’s abs. GayHoopla has also included a post-fuck interview, so check it out.

Watch Buck Carter bottom for Julian Rodriguez at GayHoopla


Watch Julian Rodriguez fuck muscle hunk Buck Carter at GayHoopla


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