Roman Todd pumps Jay James’ ass in “Head Play” part two from Falcon Studios

Falcon Studios has released the second scene from their “Head Play” movie. The opening scene was – which was released last week – was pretty hot and today’s scene is as good and impressive. Director Tony DiMarco has paired up big-dicked muscle hunk Roman Todd and insatiable bottom boy Jay James for some an outdoor fuck session.

After Roman Todd steals a mystical object from Ryan Rose and Skyy Knox in a virtual world, he realizes the true power of his current possession. As the sky goes dark in broad daylight, Jay James appears out of thin air, takes the treasure from Roman’s hands, and reaches out to feel what Roman is sporting inside his pants. Jay likes what he feels and pops Roman’s cock out of the top of his tight-fitting underwear so that he can taste it.

Jay deep-throats Roman’s thick manhood, giving Roman the ultimate oral pleasure. Roman needs more and slowly removes all of his clothing and helps Jay out of his pants. Roman goes to work licking Jay’s tight and toned ass, getting it lubed and prepped for Roman’s large member. When Roman senses that Jay is ready for what he can give, the hung stud gently slides his dick into the mystery man who just appeared before him.

Roman pumps Jay hard as his ripped abs glisten in the ethereal dark night of day and continues his rhythmic pace until Jay spills his otherworldly seed all over his perfectly sculpted six pack abs. With his new lover satisfied, Roman pulls out and finishes himself off all over Jay’s soaked and writhing body. As the two bask in the glory of their encounter, the talisman they both seek once again disappears into the hands of another mysterious hunk.

Watch Roman Todd pump Jay James in “Head Play” part two


Watch Jay James take Roman Todd’s meaty cock at Falcon Studios

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