Lucas Vick and Ty Thomas fuck each other in “Cheater’s Needs” from Next Door Studios

Today’s release from Next Door Studios is called “Cheater’s Needs” and brings together hot and horny hunks Lucas Vick and Ty Thomas. They take turns fucking each other in this bareback flip-fuck video. Even though he’s not getting the attention or love from his partner, when Ty spies a hot guy giving him the eye on his balcony, he’s conflicted about acting on his impulses.

Lucas is willing and able, and the temptation is too much for Ty to resist, so he calls Lucas over to his place and indulges his unfulfilled needs, devouring Lucas’ dick before even taking off his clothes. Deprived and hungry, he feasts on Lucas’ meaty cock, deep-throating it and savoring every inch of his hard on in his mouth. After Lucas returns the favor, Ty bends him over and unleashes his pent up energy, barebacking Lucas from behind as he grabs him by the waist and thrusts harder and harder.

Having temporarily satisfied himself, he next tells Lucas to fuck him back, mounting Lucas’ dick and riding him fast and loud. He bounces on Lucas’ raw cock as his own hard dick slaps Lucas’ stomach. They make eye contact and Ty bends down to kiss Lucas, sliding off his cock and standing up to fuck him one last way.

He hoists Lucas’ legs over his shoulders and proceeds to give it his all, working up a feverish sweat as he fucks the cum out of Lucas, pulling out and emptying his seed all over Lucas’ freshly fucked strange hole. With his dick throbbing and satisfied, Ty looks down at Lucas and he realizes he’s not even kind of sorry.

Watch Lucas Vick and Ty Thomas flip-fuck at Next Door Studios


Watch Lucas Vick and Ty Thomas flip-fuck at Next Door Studios


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