Hung young hunk Corbin Colby breeds Joey Mills in “Big and Raw” from Helix Studios

In “Big and Raw” from Helix Studios, hung young hunks Corbin Colby and Joey Mills make out like horny high schoolers. Corbin loves cock and he knows the piece of meat Joey carries between his legs, so our big beautiful beef cake is anxious to get at it. Colby sits down and takes his time on the teen’s tube steak, working the boy’s low hangers and deep throating like a motha fucka!

Joey puts some swag into fucking the hotties face. He grabs Corbin by the back of the neck and gags him, before Corbin lays back on the bed to say “my turn”. Joey gives Corbin a deep throat and handjob combo. Now that Corbin’s big cock is all wet and ready, Joey jumps on and rides that fucker. Corbin reaches back to spread Mills smooth ass and caresses the kid all over as he does. The heat radiates off the screen from the chemistry between these two!

Corbin is getting revved up and starts slamming his dick inside our boy hard. Joey is in heaven as Corbin reaches around him to flip the kid like a pancake. Corbin fucks the kid like a lion with his beautiful muscle ass in the air… driving his meat down into Joey’s hungry hole as his balls slap the boy’s ass. He can tell the cum damn on Joey is about to break so he lets his legs down, and fucks him even harder.

Joey jacks his rod till it juices pure protein all over his smooth torso. Corbin can’t hold on watching the super hot sight and pulls out his massive fuck tool, aiming it right at Joey’s freshly fucked hole. He squirts one splash across Joey’s smooth skin then slams his schlong back inside and works the kids ass at a slow sensual speed all the while showing off his bronze bone covered with white hot cream.

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