Devin Adams gets fucked by Hans Berlin in “Morning Lovers” from Pride Studios

For their latest release, called “Morning Lovers“, the Pride Studios network has paired up Devin Adams and hot and horny daddy Hans Berlin. The two wake up and when they get out of bed and start making it, they notice that each has a big erection in their boxers. Hans initiates a move on Devin and tells him they still have 30 minutes before they need to leave for work.

They take turns blowing each other’s hard cocks before moving into a 69. Hans then starts rimming Devin’s ass in a couple positions getting him wet and ready for his cock. He then fucks Devin in doggy style to start out and then they move onto the bed where Hans fucks Devin in a few more positions before both shoot their morning loads.

Watch Hans Berlin fuck Devin Adams at Pride Studios


Watch Devin Adams bottom for Hans Berlin in “Morning Lovers”

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