Adam Ramzi gets fucked by Noah Donovan in “It’s Coming” part 5 from Raging Stallion

The fifth scene from the Raging Stallion movie “It’s Coming” is as weird as it as hot. Adam Ramzi gets dominated and fucked by a supernatural presence – played by muscle stud Noah Donovan. Adam is distraught about Beaux Banks‘ unexpected departure and takes a few more pills to relax. He falls into an ominous dream about the house. Or is it a dream?

Adam is jolted awake with a feeling of terror and erotic stimulation. He’s surprised to find he’s rock hard, and strangely he starts jacking his thick, uncut rod. He writhes on the bed, feeling his own body when he looks up to see a presence (Noah Donovan) watching over him. Is he delirious? He challenges the presence saying that if he wants him, he has to come and get him.

The presence approaches the bed and reaches out to Adam’s hard cock. The supernatural, erotic energy overtakes Adam as he is first entranced, then dominated by the presence. He’s made himself the offering, what will happen to Adam next? Will he lose his mind? Will he get out alive?

Watch Noah Donovan fuck Adam Ramzi in “It’s Coming” part 5


Watch Noah Donovan fuck Adam Ramzi at Raging Stallion

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