Doctor Noah Donovan fucks Alex Gray in “Surprise Doctor Visit” from Pride Studios

Today’s release from the Pride Studios network is called “Surprise Doctor Visit“. It’s a very hot scene featuring Doctor Noah Donovan, who fucks his patient Alex Gray. The latter one is waiting in the Doctor’s office to surprise Noah. When Noah walks in he is extremely surprised, but also confused as to why he is at his place of work.

At first he is a little annoyed, but soon Alex has him seduced and they are engaged in a deep kiss. Alex cannot wait to get Noah’s big thick cock in his mouth and he knows just how to get it to rise to its full glory. Noah then puts Alex on the exam table and sucks his cock wet and sloppy. Alex then gives him his ass and Noah gives him a rim job he soon will not forget.

He then puts on a condom and starts fucking Alex long and deep with his big thick cock. Alex moans in pleasure and pain as he takes all ten inches deep inside him. Noah flips him over and continues to fuck him until Alex shoots all over himself. Noah pulls out and shoots a big thick load all over Alex’s cock and balls.

Watch Noah Donovan fuck his patient Alex Gray at Pride Studios


Watch Noah Donovan and Alex Gray fuck in “Surprise Doctor Visit”

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