Dakota Rivers drills Peter Marcus’ ass in “Drive Thru” part two from Raging Stallion

For the second scene from “Drive Thru“, the guys from Raging Stallion have paired up Dakota Rivers and Peter Marcus. Hopeful new-hire Peter sits down with General Manager Dakota for an interview at the ‘Drive Thru’. As Dakota reviews Peter’s application, he notices he doesn’t have any experience in the food industry. Peter quickly replies, ‘I’m a fast learner and I’m eager to please.’

Dakota wants to see just how eager Peter is. Guiding Peter to his knees, Dakota whips his cock out. Eager for the job, Peter begins to service his potential employer’s fat cock. After checking Peter’s oral skills, Dakota decides to drill his tongue into his bare hole. With Peter’s hole slick with spit, Dakota stuffs his meat into Peter’s man hole.

After taking it from behind, Peter hops on the table, legs up, taking hard, powerful thrusts from Dakota. The intense drilling from Dakota’s cock is too much for Peter and he blasts a thick white load onto his furry torso. Boss man Dakota strokes his hefty load onto Peter’s hole. When it’s all said and done, Peter still didn’t get the job!

Watch Dakota Rivers fuck Peter Marcus in the full-length video


Watch Dakota Rivers fuck Peter Marcus in “Drive Thru” part two

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