Austin Wolf and Logan Moore fuck Skyy Knox in “Blindfolded” part one from Hot House

Hot House has released the first scene from their new movie “Blindfolded“, which has been directed by Nick Foxx. The sexy Skyy Knox is the bottom in this hot threesome and the funny thing is that he had no idea who he was paired up with. He didn’t even know he was gonna do a threesome.

Blindfolded and sprawled onto the bed doggy-style, Skyy Knox eagerly awaits his anonymous stuffing. Beefy stud Austin Wolf sneaks in from behind and dives straight into Skyy’s hairless fuck hole, lathering Skyy’s ass with spit. After prepping Skyy’s hole, Austin hits record on his phone as he pushes his fat cock into Skyy’s ass.

Starting off slow, Austin picks up speed hooking Skyy by the mouth with his finger as he drills his eager center. Austin invites his friend Logan Moore to have a turn while Skyy is still blindfolded. Austin films Logan having his turn then joins in taking turns pounding their unknowing bottom. To Skyy’s surprise, Austin reveals his double-cock secret by feeding him his cock while Logan stuffs him from behind.

Not opposed in the slightest, Skyy takes every single thrust as the studss take turns on his holes. With Skyy on his back and Austin pumping his hole, Logan oozes a thick load onto Skyy’s face and mouth. Austin feeds Skyy the creamy spunk until Skyy blows his load onto his washboard abs. When it’s Austin’s turn, he tweaks his nipples and drips his load into Skyy’s awaiting mouth. Covered in cum, Skyy removes his blindfold and is pleased with the revelation of his unknown fuckers.

Watch Austin Wolf and Logan Moore fuck Skyy Knox at Hot House


Watch Austin Wolf and Logan Moore fuck Skyy Knox’s holes at Hot House

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