Ripley Grey gets his bare ass fucked by Zack Matthews at Active Duty

Active Duty has released a very hot scene starring Zack Matthews and Ripley Grey. You probably remember Ripley from his impressing solo scene and the epic Christmas orgy he was part of. This scene was actually filmed before the orgy scene, which makes this his very first hardcore scene… and it’s a good one!

It’s clear right from the jump that Ripley is excited. The boys waste no time before engaging in a deep, passionate kiss, letting their hands wander and explore each other. They pull one another’s clothes off and Ripley goes right in for a taste of Zack’s luscious cock. Ripley seems to be proving right away that he knows how to properly polish a knob! He bobs hard and deep on Zack’s thick boner, not letting up at all.

Eventually, Zack gets hungry for hard meat himself and the guys switch positions. Zack┬áreally makes an art out of it, using plenty of spit and jerking, and sucking balls is all part of his amazing repertoire. Zack can’t hold off for too long though, so it doesn’t take long before Zack slides throbbing dong slide into Ripley’s ass. Ripley doesn’t protest much so Zack quickly works up into a hard, slamming rhythm, pounding that warm pocket like the powerful soldier he is.

Even though Ripley is clearing doing his best to tolerate Zack’s punishment, the two let that true chemistry flow, kissing while that ass gets banged. Ripley goes from his back to all fours and Zack reinserts his erection into that inviting hole. Zack uses this position to leverage even more power. This is that moment for Ripley when he realizes there ain’t no goin’ back! And what a fantastic ending for these dudes here. Big, juicy loads all over their chests and stomachs!

Watch Ripley Grey bottom for Zack Matthews at Active Duty


Watch Zack Matthews power-fuck Ripley Grey for Active Duty


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