Mark Long fucks Jimmy Clay in “Straight Chexxx” episode one from Next Door Studios

Next Door Studios has released the first scene from a new feature film, directed by Rocco Fallon. “Straight Chexxx” is a 4-part cinematic XXX masterpiece with an all-star cast.¬†Mark Long has just moved into a new apartment with some interesting neighbors. His best friend, Markie More, who in experiencing some tough times helps him move in and is occupying Mark’s couch while he is working on getting back on his feet.

Luckily, there is a trade out considering the one thing that Markie does have to offer is a car which comes in handy when Mark needs a ride to his first training session at the gym with Jimmy Clay. When Mark lays eyes on his new trainer for the first time, he finds himself swimming in a daydream of dirty thoughts of what he would do to Jimmy.

Markie has a abrupt introduction with one of the new neighbors, Quentin Gainz, when he manages to alienate Quentin quickly by assuming he is gay. What Markie doesn’t know yet, is that Quentin has a few secrets regardless of his sexuality and sure does enjoy giving people a show.The next time you move into a new place, keep an open mind… you never know if your dreams may come true!

Watch Mark Long and Jimmy Clay in “Straight Chexxx” part one


Watch Jimmy Clay bottom for Mark Long in “Straight Chexxx” part one


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