Brogan Reed takes Calvin Banks’ big dick in “Dirty Little Secret” from Icon Male

Today, Icon Male has released a new scene called “Dirty Little Secret” in which Brogan Reed takes Calvin Banks‘ big hard cock. While Calvin Banks’ receives a massage from Rodney Steele‘s new fling Brogan Reed they discuss how great of a man Rodney is.

Sneaky Brogan gets Calvin comfortable before he slowly cops a feel at Calvin’s ass. He notices there is no hesitation from Calvin so he goes the extra mile and starts sucking his rock hard cock! The two instantly are all over each other fucking every single hole! These bad boys won’t stop until they both are cumming everywhere. They’re dirty little secret is safe with each other!

Watch Brogan Reed take Calvin Banks’ big cock at Icon Male


Watch Calvin Banks fuck Brogan Reed in “Dirty Little Secret”


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