Toby Springs bottoms for Blaine Kross in “Such A Big Cock” from Pride Studios

Pride Studios network site Extra Big Dicks introduces us to Blaine Kross. You might have seen him before though, as a he did two scenes for College Dudes and one for Bait Buddies. In “Such A Big Cock” he has been paired up with the cock-hungry Toby Springs.

Blaine is showering at the gym thinking nobody is around. He begins to stroke himself as he looks around making sure nobody creeps up on him. He turns his back to the lockers as he strokes his big uncut cock. He’s in his own world until he turns back around and sees Toby staring at him. Blaine quickly turns around and isn’t sure what to say.

He tries to get Toby to leave but Toby is very interested in what’s in his hand. Blaine walks towards Toby revealing his huge uncut cock flopping around. Toby stops him in his tracks and drops to his knees to service this sexy dick. He gulps it all the way down paying close attention to his long shaft as he strokes it and utilizes his deep throating skills. They move to the bench where Toby slowly slides down Blaine’s throbbing cock.

Once balls deep Toby begins to rock his hips back and forth fucking Blaine’s cock the way he wants it. Blaine continues to fuck Toby doggy style as well and also on his back where he fucks the cum right out of Toby. Blaine pulls his cock out and blasts a showering load of cum all over Toby.

Watch Blaine Kross fuck Toby Springs in “Such A Big Cock”


Watch Blaine Kross fuck Toby Springs in the full-length video

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