Vinny Blackwood gets his hungry ass fucked by Chase Klein at Next Door World

Next Door World  has released another ‘home-made’ video. This tape comes to us from a handsome and horny dude named Vinny Blackwood. Vinny recently has been hooking up with a very sexy guy named Chase Klein, whom he met through a good friend and long-time bartender at his favorite, hometown watering hole.

Apparently, Vinny has been eager to video tape his own homemade sex scene for a while, but hadn’t quite found the right partner… until now! Chase was a little reluctant at first, but as Vinny told us, a little sexual coaxing did the trick. At the time they recorded this extremely hot, totally candid video, the two were not an exclusive couple, but Vinny seemed to hint that Chase is definitely relationship material.

Along with his smokin’ hot body, gorgeous face, and voracious sexual appetite, Chase brought his own video cams to shoot the action. Wow, what a catch! A big thanks goes to Vinny for inviting us into his room to watch him get passionately fucked by this attractive guy. Let’s hope he keeps us updated and submits more great stuff soon!

Watch Vinny Blackwood bottom for Chase Klein in this home-made video Try Next Door World for just one dollar


Watch Vinny Blackwood bottom for Chase Klein at Next Door World


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