Hugh Hunter fucks Matt Stevens’ ass in “Couples Fantasy” part two from Pride Studios

In the second part from Pride Studios‘ double-feature “Couples Fantasy“, sexy stud Hugh Hunter fantasizes about fucking Matt Stevens in a gritty warehouse type area. He’s talking to his lover Dolf about it and we transition into what actually happens.

Hugh and Matt have a stare down while stroking their cocks until Hugh demands Matt to get on his knees and suck his throbbing dick. Hugh is very vocal as well as demanding as he dominates Matt’s mouth and ass in more ways than one.

Matt takes it hard and deep by Hugh as he gets fucked on his back and from behind. Hugh even power drives deep into Matt as he mounts up. Both of these hunky men spit, suck, lick and taste their way to an explosive cumming full of manly groans and sexual relief.

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Watch Hugh Hunter fuck Matt Stevens’ ass at Pride Studios


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