Andrew Collins gets fucked in the desert and takes 3 loads at Guys In Sweatpants

If you’ve never roamed around naked in an open field, you should try it; nothing makes you feel more free. It took a little searching, but Guys In Sweatpants finally found the perfect spot out in the desert for the boys to strip down and fuck. It got a little chilly, so we headed back to the house, where Andrew Collins continued to take cock like the champ he is.

He’s definitely an insatiable bottom, who loves getting fucked anywhere and anyhow. Things don’t always go as planned though, but that worked out for the best this time. With a willing bottom, and Justin who was willing to share, Liam Cyber and Austin Wilde jumped in on the fun.

First Austin handed the camera off, fucked Andrew and pumped his load into him. Then switched places with Liam, who did the same. They left Andrew basking in a puddle of his own cum with everyone else’s still dripping from his hole…

Watch Andrew Collins getting fucked in the desert and taking 3 loads!

See Andrew Collins getting fucked in the desert and taking 3 loads


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