Dolf Dietrich plows Bryan Cole in “Doctor’s Personal Touch” from Pride Studios

In this new release from Pride Studios starring Dolf Dietrich and Bryan Cole, Dolf has noticed that Bryan hasn’t been handling his patients correctly when they come to the office for a visit. Dolf takes Bryan back into one of the patient rooms where he can talk with him privately.

Bryan doesn’t know what he has done and to his knowledge he hasn’t had any complaints. Dolf tells him his concerns and wants to see if Bryan has the skills as an RN to keep working here. Bryan begins with testing out his blood pressure and he starts to check Dolf’s ripped body. He is one fit Doctor and can’t keep his eyes off of him. Dolf sees this and moves in for the kiss as they both passionately make out.

What Bryan doesn’t know is that there have been no complaints about his work performance. This was just a way for Dolf to get him in the back room. The two swap bjs on the patient table and then Dolf bends Bryan over and licks that ass like no other.

Nice and sloppy lots of spit running down the backside of his balls. It looks amazing as Dolf is face deep lubing that ass up for his big dick. Dolf fucks Bryan passionately and at times aggressively. Bryan can take the cock and he is doing everything he needs to do to keep the Doctor happy.

Watch Dolf Dietrich plowing Bryan Cole at Pride Studios

Watch Dolf Dietrich plowing Bryan Cole at Pride Studios


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