Franco Duran fucks his first male ass thanks to inked bottom Joey Rico

New Randy Blue model Franco Duran is a latin hottie. He is only 20, but he has tattoos and a fucking ripped muscled body. He is ready to try some boy fucking. Joey Rico comes in and starts to show him the ways of gay sex. They make out and Franco is liking it. He starts to get hard, and Joey gets his dick out and starts to suck on his hard uncut latin meat.

Franco loves having Joey’s mouth going up and down on him. He decides he wants to have a try at a dick in his mouth. He pulls out Joey’s hard cock and start to suck it. Joey tells him that he is doing a great job. He makes him suck on his balls, and then Joey starts to go over the edge. He cums, and Franco sucks the rest of the cum out of his dick.

Joey asks Franco if he is ready to fuck his first man butt. Franco is ready and shoves his bare dick deep inside of Joey’s hole. They fuck nice and hard until finally Franco gets close to cumming. He pulls out and jizzes all over Joey’s ass and shoves it back in.

Addition (2019): After a 3 year break, Franco is back! He is now Jay Luna at Active Duty!

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Watch Franco Duran fuck his 1st male ass at Randy Blue


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