Trey Turner fucks Daxton Ryker in “Hardcore Fans” from Pride Studios

Pride Studios has released a hot new scenes, titled “Hardcore Fans“.  The studio has paired up sexy muscle hunks  Trey Turner and Daxton Ryker for some steamy locker room action.

Trey and Daxton are some hardcore fans so every time there is a game they paint themselves up to full immerse themselves. Daxton isn’t quite sure if he wants to do it this time around but Trey is having no buts about it and paints himself and Daxton. While painting Daxton’s chest Trey gets a little touchy which throws Daxton off but his cock is becoming hard and Trey is on his knees painting when he notices the bulge. Trey goes from painting to caressing which is pretty sneaky cause than Daxton’s cock is deep in Trey’s mouth sucking and playing with his balls.

Daxton is fully invested in this moment and wants to return the favor so they both strip down and Daxton gets to lick and stroke Trey’s big cock. They can’t take too long playing around in the locker room so Trey starts to fuck Daxton up against the lockers and on the bench legs up ready to bust his nut. Trey fucks the nut right out of him which than sets Trey off to unleash his built up cream all over Daxton’s chest.

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Watch Trey Turner and Daxton Ryker fuck at Pride Studios


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