Sebastian Kross fucks Chris Harder in “Dick Moves” part 4 from Raging Stallion

Raging Stallion has released the fourth scene from their “Dick Moves“ series. This incredibly hot video brings together big-dicked tattooed hunk Sebastian Kross and hungry bottom Chris Harder.

Sebastian Kross always finds faults in the staff — but no one dares to say no when he wants to fuck them. As a joke, Mike De Marko jacks some ‘extra cream’ into Sebastian’s coffee, and sends Chris Harder to deliver. When Sebastian drinks it, his only complaint is there’s not enough sugar…  so Chris must pay with his ass.

His hands are all over Sebastian’s body while they make out, and he gropes Sebastian’s hard cock through his khakis. Sebastian takes over, pulling Chris’ pants down, bending him over the desk and rimming him hard. Chris loves having Sebastian’s tongue in his ass and he’s so ready to be fucked, he grabs Sebastian’s cock and shoves it in his hole.

Fucking becomes an aerobic activity that leaves them breathless and sweating. They cool down with mutual blow jobs in the stairwell, then Chris mounts Sebastian’s cock again in a spread-eagle fuck that culminates with Chris upending himself to a shoulder stand while Sebastian drives a finger into his prostate until they both shoot smoldering loads in Chris’ face.

Watch Sebastian Kross and Chris Harder fuck in the full-length video

Watch Sebastian Kross and Chris Harder fuck in the full-length video


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