Gabriel Fisk fucks Issac Jones at UK Naked Men

UK Naked Men‘s Delicious Guapo estate agent  Gabriel Fisk vs délicieuse ‘Mec’ Issac Jones, very passionate, very sticky, YUM! Gabriel is the sexy, estate agent, overfilling his tight trousers as he shows Issac around a city centre apartment.

He’s eager to sell and embarrassed when Issac finds a used condom (oops Logan Moore!) So eager-to-sell Gabriel had better make things up to his handsome client, and don’t think he hasn’t noticed the bulge in Issac’s jeans. (We luved shooting this ”smart, formals guy and rough trade” series such a sexy combo)

The guys get close and Gabriel slides down Issac’s trousers to pay that long foreskin the attention it deserves, Issac’s famously veiny cock is rigid in seconds, aroused by Gabriel’s probing tongue pushing underneath his foreskin, rubbing the head of Issac’s helmet.

And surprisingly, one of our favourite tops is bottoming again, Issac’s long, lean legs are up to expose his aching, twitching hole, Gabriel rubbers up and pushes the head of his girthy, uncircumcised dick to the warm, throbbing, wet hole of his bottom-boy’s bum-hole….

Watch Issac Jones and Gabriel Fisk fuck at UK Naked Men

Watch Issac Jones and Gabriel Fisk fuck at UK Naked Men

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