Sergeant Miles and Xavier Jacobs fuck raw at Lucas Entertainment

Lovers of scruff and fur get ready, because this is easily the best hairy pairing in the history of gay porn ever. Lucas Entertainment brings exclusive model Sergeant Miles together with Xavier Jacobs. These guys were lusting after each other big-time on set in Fire Island, but they behaved themselves and saved their juice for their scene together.

The two hunky otters begin by checking each other out, but it’s anyone’s guess who will drop to their knees first (Spoiler Alert: it’s Sergeant who get his mouth on Xavier’s bulge). It’s not all about the oral sex (though sometimes Sergeant looks like he wants it to be). These guys are after each other’s ass, and they aren’t afraid of breaking each other. Because when they fuck they fuck hard. If you want to see Xavier Jacobs bottom, this is your chance… and who better to bang him in the ass raw than Sergeant Miles?

Watch Sergeant Miles fucking Xavier Jacobs in the full-length video

See Sergeant Miles raw-fucking Xavier Jacobs at Lucas Entertainment


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